Golf & grooves

Golf is the greatest game in the world, and it’s especially good when you combine it with great music and the finest libations. Whether you are, like us, a fanatic, a part-timer, a not-enough-timer or never picked up a club before – we say: come in, grab a beer and enjoy the greatest game the way it should be played.

Play, practice, improve and groove and become part of our community.


Coolest clubhouse

Since 2004 we have been avid purveyors of golf and grooves, and it’s our passion for golf, music and beer that means we can rightly lay claim to welcoming you to the world’s coolest clubhouse.

How it works

We want you to have the most accurate experience possible, which is why we only use the world’s most accurate technology. aboutGolf’s patented 3Trak technology uses high speed cameras to measure exactly what the golf ball is doing. There are no assumptions made. So you can trust exactly what you are seeing on the screen. Every drive, iron shot, chip and putt.


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Play. Learn. Improve

Our passion for the game compels us to ensure that you are experiencing the game on the world’s most accurate simulators. Our aboutGolf technology means that every single drive, iron shot, flop-shot and putt are totally realistic. You can trust what is happening, and that enables you to play, practice and improve in the best environment possible to prepare your game for the next outing.