Saison Dupont: The Best beer in the world?

According to Men’s journal magazine in 2015 this is “the best beer in the world.” Now that is a big claim!

Saison Dupont pours a hazy straw color with a gigantic head that never goes away. As you drink it, the head persists unless you drink the head itself. It’s a thing of beauty this beer, especially once you know how good it’s going to be.

For those not familiar with Saisons, they were historically brewed in Belgium during the spring for farm workers to quench their thirst. Because they were brewed before refrigeration this meant they were fermented at higher temperatures, causing a slight funk in the beer.

In the words of Seve, we “don’t think there’s nothing better” in the summer months. This beer is hazy, refreshing and just a little bit tart. Tom Hall, UG General manager, has this to say about our latest guest beer: “I have always approached saisons with caution after trying Beavertowns “Appleation” last year which managed to put me off of the style of beer for a while. However, I’m extremely glad I decided to give this beer a go. I will be enjoying Saison Dupont over the remainder of those summer days.”


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