Bogey Nights at Urban Golf welcomes walk-ins on Friday!

You’ve grafted all week, slaving away at your desk. Now it’s time to stick it to The Man and celebrate the weekend in style. Urban Golf style.

Bogey Nights mixes music, drinking and golf in a raucous atmosphere. Think the Ryder Cup, but the fans are playing rather than the pros. And etiquette is frowned upon.

Available to walk-ins only at our Farringdon location, golfers can play for 1 hour (£30) or 30 mins (£15). And if you can’t get on straight away because all the sims are full, enjoy 50% off drinks while you wait! We call it swing juice.

The rest of the venue will be working as usual, but the Bogey Nights boys and gals will have their own semi-private area.

This promotion cannot be booked online or by the phone, you’ve just gotta rock up ready to roll the rock or sip it on the rocks. See you soon!

If you want more details, call 0207 2488600.

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