The Brewery of Angels & Demons

Our General Manager, Tom Hall, recently met Joe (the head brewer at the Brewery of Angels & Demons in Folkestone) whilst he was brushing up on his short game on chilled Sunday at Soho Golf & Country Club. Naturally, as all good chippers do whilst practicing their flop shots, Joe was indulging in the finest quaffable liquid on offer. We quickly got talking about beer, as I too am a drinker that golfs (not to be mistaken as a golfer that drinks).

I could tell instantly that Joe was extremely passionate about brewing the most amazing beers using the finest ingredients he could source. At the time, there was no beer to try as the guys at B.A.D were still tinkering around with recipes trying to perfect their brews. Joe did, however, agree to send me a few samples once he had bottled some up.

When I received the beers via Nina, a lifelong friend of Joe that felt so passionately about the project of B.A.D, she gave up her job in fashion to join the project – I was entirely sold. The effort put in to the packaging showed how much attention to detail had clearly been put into the whole product.

The names were wacky and come with some eclectic stories that make the idea of the brand just that little more interesting.

But as they say in the trade “it’s all about the taste”.  And obviously I couldn’t agree more.

I thoroughly enjoyed all four beers and although have one stand out favourite which actually wasn’t the one I expected myself to choose as my tipple.

A.D.H – ME (American Pale – 5.2%)

As the little boy stared in wonderment at the black wall, everyone spoke of him as a problem child. The reality was that whilst their bland lives took control of them, they could not see what he saw. For when this gifted child stared hard, he could see all of his favourite animals from across the world in full colour, all in one space, dancing freely with no inhibitions.

This bottle contains a plethora of flavours, which have been lovingly conjured together. A massive dry hop hit gives this American Pale Ale its majesty, coupled together with multi-layered grain flavours.

Bombay Social (Session IPA – 3.8%)

One day, the Elephant realised enough was enough and that he had carried his last passenger. So he took elocution lessons (what what what!) and had a tailor dress him for the Bombay Ball. With zesty yet subtle charm, everybody who was anybody soon wanted to be his friend.

This Social Session IPA is an absolute must for summer days, autumn haze, spring and winter, without malaise. Light in character with huge hop loveliness

Panama Jazz (Red IPA – 4.8%) * Tom’s Recommendation

At the back of the club, the monkey slaps the strings with howling tenacity. Every stroke hits a fresh chord. As he finishes, you realise – life isn’t so bad after all.

Packed with vibrancy and flavour, every mouthful is a new experience.

Racing Tiger (Dry Hopped Lager – 4.2%)

Born whilst its mother was giving chase, the Racing Tiger™ will never settle for second best. Now teamed up with his trusted partner,Alan the Steed, they have created a more precise winning team, who finish with uncompromising crisp delivery and panache.

This easy drinking Dry Hopped Lager is the perfect execution of aromatic hops, infused with a timeless full flavour.

Even though I predict big things for the guys at B.A.D – they have even just made a beer for clothing giants Lyle and Scott – you will not find their beer anywhere else in London just yet and we are very honoured to be the first London venue to stock it. Panama Jazz is a truly wonderful beer and A.D.H – ME sits very well with the ever popular style of American Pale. Bombay Social has a really dry, piny like flavour bags of it for such a low ABV beer and is very seasonable. Racing Tiger will quench your thirst when nothing but a lager will hit the spot and I cannot wait to see what this brewery achieve over the next 12 months.



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