Camden Hells Unfiltered

It’s Camden Hells Lager that’s unfiltered, meaning all of the yeasty goodness that creates the satisfying depth to a great beer is not thrown away before you get to sink your lips around this refreshing corker.

This lager is packaged straight from the tank. Yes it’s a bit hazy and not crystal clear like pretty much every lager on the taps. But put it this way; if Camden Hells is the studio album, all slick finish and crisp sounds, then Unfiltered Hells is the live album. This is a full-bodied beer that’s just that little bit louder, bigger and real, man!!!

With the days getting that little bit longer and the sun throwing out a few early rays this is that real thirst quenching beer you have been longing for after a hard day in the office.

On tap at UG Smithfield now!!!!!!


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