Election Day Special £10 per Hour

Thankfully campaigning is now over and we can celebrate with our election day special. We are offering a walk-in only rate of £10 per hour per simulator for the whole of election day. It doesn’t really get more simple than that. Of course, we’ve extended the invitation to the major leaders to settle things in the proper fashion. Jeremy mumbled some excuse about a recent reinsurance of the chipping yips. Theresa had to gracefully decline the challenge on the grounds that her handicap has lapsed and she didn’t want to be accused of making it up.

So without the prospect of bumping into either leaders, why not head down for a lunchtime knock or a pre-vote smash?


£10 per hr per simulator rate applies to walk-in bookings only. Availability cannot be guaranteed at all times of the day. Though at least 1 simulator will be reserved for walk-in bookings only. Minimum 2 people per simulator.


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