"Game Improvement Clubs" - like taking out a credit card to get out of debt

Article written by James Day, Urban Custom Clubs. 

Golf equipment is the only place in golf where you can remove variables. The aim should be to create clubs where it’s all on you – what you put in is what you get out. They need to be right and they need to reward you when you get it right. They need to enhance what you do but must never counter what you do.

The game has endless variables; it’s what makes it great. We need to be flexible and creative enough in our approach to deal with the variables and never fear or try to avoid the randomness.

Sadly the game is taught on the most-part based on a promise that by focusing on a swing model, by consciously manipulating the swing you can by bypass this randomness. There are parallels to be drawn here with pharmaceuticals; take this pill and you will feel better as opposed to understanding what made you ill and stopping that.

Coaches will tell you that if you do the reps on the range, if you focus on robotic repetition you will play better. This is a direct reaction to the fear of hitting ‘bad’ shots. The industry plays on this fear as it’s the most effective way of selling clubs.

If, by focusing on robotic repetition, we remove the ability to deal with the variables then there is a direct trade-off in our performance and most importantly a complete loss in the pleasure we can derive from the game.

When we put clubs into our bags that are designed to counter bad shots we introduce huge variables to our equipment and a vicious cycle with no end ensues. It’s like taking out a credit card to get out of debt.

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