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Golfing Political Leaders | Urban Golf

Tired of the election already? Well, we’re certainly not impressed by the dearth of golfing prowess among the current protagonists. Which got us to thinking back to the days when there were proper golfing political leaders – and they didn’t mind a cheeky knock (or thousand in the case of Dwight D Eisenhower!).

News that Jeremy Corbyn had been suffering from the yips, or Theresa May had been late for a COBRA briefing because her ladies club championship quarter final had gone to extra holes; these would be things that would make the current crop far more relatable to. Sadly, there’s a dearth of news of Boris Johnson’s bunker woes and Diane Abbott having been DQ’d for signing for a wrong score. We need more golfing political leaders, like this lot:

Kim Jong Il

Arguably the greatest golfer of all time. Not even Jack or Tiger can claim knocking it round in 34 – with 11 holes-in-one. Which begs the question: “what happened on the other 7 holes?” Suitably impressed with himself, he duly retired from the game with an impeccable record.

Mary Queen of Scots

Having learned the game when growing up in France, Mary became an avid golfer and was renowned as one of the finest bunker players of her generation. Unfortunately for her, it was this addiction to the great game that ultimately led to her downfall. During a time that she was supposed to be mourning the death of her husband, Mary took to the links to occupy her mind. Elizabeth caught wind of this. The allegation that she had “done a Lexi” was just the excuse she needed to order the beheading for treason. She’ll forever be the trailblazer for all other golfing political leaders.

Dwight D Eisenhower

We may not know much about the 34th President of the United States but the fact that he managed around 1000 rounds whilst in office must be lauded. Most modern men would love to know his secret, as even a single monthly round is usually met with derision. Perhaps having a tree named after you at Augusta isn’t indication that your long game was “all that.”

Fidel Castro & Che Guevara

They may not have been regular golfers, but the photos alone were enough to make theirs an iconic game. We have visions of this being a Marxist version of the incredible ADULT SWIM CLASSIC.

Donald Trump

May well be the best golfer of all the American Presidents, but he carries a reputation as a filthy cheat. He’s the sort of guy you wouldn’t want to play in the club knock-out. He’s the guy with an unnatural swing who practices a lot and has no right to be as good. Properly irritating.

Barack Obama

He’s the polar opposite of Trump. He may play a lot, but he’d probably be so charming on the course that you’d be fooled into giving him every putt inside 4 feet. Charm however, only gets you so far. Having to sneak to the other side of the teebox every hole when you remember he’s a lefty can become tiresome!

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