Today's golf shoe market is turgid, but FootJoy have finally released a decent golf shoe

The original FootJoy Classic is the greatest golf shoe ever made. We will not listen to arguments otherwise. Classic golf aesthetic matched with luxurious craft. FJ pretty much invented the look, and it propelled them into the most popular golf shoe manufacturer of the last 75 years.

Like most of the brands in golf, modern times saw FootJoy plough down the performance lane, searching for a marketable shoe with a large margin. Something they could pump out in massive numbers and turn over fast.

It all became about performance, how much traction the new stud formation gave, stability in the shot etc. This of course wasn’t a bad thing, but it was when it came at the detriment to everything else.

This maniacal pursuit of performance is how the BOA lace system got onto a golf shoe, one of the real low points in our famous old game. It was a perfect shit storm – they didn’t have to really do any work as the product was already in use on snowboard boots, it was fairly inexpensive to implement but allowed for a mark-up, and it was very visible, and therefore extremely marketable. The fact it looked utterly horrendous and worked no better than a standard pair of laces didn’t matter one jot.

Each new shoe had a mad PR story alongside it, whether that be something about a frog’s feet or the Golden Gate Bridge. They looked terrible, even though the Tour pros assured us they were great. Frankly, you feared the train had become totally derailed and the Classics would remain as some relic of a happier time.

But then came the Premiere Series, and with it our faith in golf brands was partially restored. Through tears of joy we tipped our caps to the FJ team. They went back to go forward with a product mixing today’s technology and materials with a classic silhouette that actually looks decent.

Available in three styles, they’re priced around the £160-200 mark. Some are a bit (very) dodgy, but some are also fantastic. You also have the option to design your own, allowing you to achieve the perfect look to match your style.

The golf shoe market is turgid, but among the sea of stinking excrement dropping left, right and centre, FJ have released a decent shoe. Let’s hope they carry on down this road, and other brands follow suit!

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