Lost and Grounded: Running with Sceptres

Introducing Running with Sceptres. As you well know, we adore our craft beer and all things hoppy and delightful. However, sometimes you really just need a thirst quenching lager – something that fizzes and liberates your taste buds. Something that you could quite easily knock back in the heat of summer.

Although this beer doesn’t pour like a typical lager, in fact, it’s almost orange-like in colour and is extremely hoppy. You may even mistake the look of it for a IPA. But you’d be wrong.

The Lost and Grounded brewery have combined Pilsner, Vienna and Caramalts with a huge whack of hops to produce this amazing Vienna style lager. The Bristol brewers have an obsession with perfecting the precision of German style brewing, and to be fair to them, they’ve absolutely nailed it with this one!


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