masters cocktails

The Azalea

Who doesn’t love golf’s greatest tournament and most anticipated major of the sporting year?

The Masters at Augusta is one of the most exclusive sporting events in the world, as tickets are not sold to the general public. Even if we can’t grant you access to walk the course at Augusta, you can still get a taste of this legendary golf tournament. The Azalea cocktail, named after the azalea bushes that bloom during the tournament, is an easy drinking cocktail, packed with fruit flavours and spiked with Sipsmith’s London dry Gin (our twist). Though the azalea might be poisonous, this cocktail will make you take more sips than Tommy Nakajima`s famous attempt at the 13th back in ’78.

The Arnold Palmer Martini

According to Arnold Palmer, he was in the habit of drinking iced tea with lemonade at home, and in 1960 at the U.S. Open at the Cherry Hills Country Club in Denver he ordered the non-alcoholic drink at the bar. A woman sitting nearby overheard him, and ordered, “that Palmer drink”, thus giving the beverage its name. The Arnold Palmer martini, sometimes known as the John Daly – a tongue and cheek nod to John’s problems with dabbling in a few too many. Spiked with East London Liquor company’s vodka which we have infused for 24 hours with earl grey tea leaves. This martini is the perfect way to start a weekend of Magnolia lane, Rae’s creak and Ike’s Pond in style.

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