McKellar: A Golf Companion

We recently had the joy of receiving the debut edition of McKellar – less a golf magazine, than a periodical journal. In terms of golfing publications, it really is peerless and such a breath of fresh air in the current climate where everybody in golf seems to have an agenda. Undoubtedly, because it is free from the shackles of commercial pressures, along with the fact that it boasts some of the biggest names in modern golf writing taking on subjects close to their heart.

For those of you who, like us, love the game, it’s histories and experiences that are often lost in the modern game, then we urge you to get hold of a copy and immerse yourself in a publication that will have you excited about the game all over again. We literally couldn’t put it down and are frantically hatching plans to get ourselves out to The Sheep Ranch in Oregon.

McKellar was conceived by a group of writers – passionate golfers – who believe there is a place in the modern media landscape for a beautifully written,  beautifully illustrated publication celebrating what is great about the sport. All this with a promise to only publish the best writers, the best photographers and the best illustrators; to leave PGA Tour obsession, the swing instruction and equipment reviews to others, and concentrate instead on subjects that interest them, and hopefully you – like course architecture, travel, the personalities of golf’s past and present, college golf, amateur golf and layman’s golf; and crucially, to celebrate golf. Always.

We can’t wait for the next edition.


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