Schoolboy Q: 'I wrote my new album on the golf course'

(Image courtesy of Golf Digest)

Schoolboy Q has been bitten by the golf bug – bad. The LA rapper revealed he’s playing five times a week…but it’s not to the detriment of his art. Far From it.

In an interview with Golf Digest the chart-topper said much of his latest album Crash Talk was penned while treading the fairways with iron in hand.

Q said: “I’m in the studio eight days a week. I got a studio in my house. I’m rapping on the course.”

And even more importantly, golf has been crucial in pulling him out of a low point in his life.

“… (friends) have no idea how the game opened up my mind. I was in a dark place, and golf got me inspired again,” he explained.

The 32-year-old got into the game when a friend bet him $10,000 he couldn’t make a birdie in two years – it’s enough to get most to pick up a club! He won the bet, and in the process fell in love with the game.

And what do his friends think of his new obsession?

“When people think of golf, they think of retirement,” he said. “Old, corny, white. Shake hands after the round, shirt tucked in, take your hat off – all that corny shit a rapper would never do, especially one with diamond teeth who smokes 24/7. But I’ve met lots of people on the course just like me who just don’t post pictures.”

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