It just goes to show that practice, hard work and commitment actually do pay off! Continuing a fine tradition of Urban Golf Team and individual glories, Steve Smith (head pro and purveyor of some of the worst jokes known to man) took his eclectic team to take on some of the biggest bandits in the game last week in Lisbon.

Despite the efforts of half of the team to derail the campaign with a heavy intake of the local vino, they came out fresh each morning and firing an unrelenting volley of birdies at the field. The team comprised of Nick Kotze, Trevor Dean and Johan Holm had to be at their best to shut out the relentless stream of jokes from Steve.

Trevor Dean was full of praise for his team captain “If it wasn’t for Steve I probably wouldn’t be playing golf anymore. Thankfully I am and I can honestly say that I am playing better then ever ……. especially with my new clubs from Urban Custom Clubs!”

An excellent plug indeed from our favourite customer! If you would like to follow in the footsteps of these fine fellows with lessons, practice bundles, memberships or custom clubs CLICK HERE.

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