The Boiler Maker

We are constantly tinkering down here to find the best accompaniments for your golfing experience and we think are latest sacrifices have proved worthwhile! Boilermakers, traditionally a ‘Wee Nip’ (Scotch Whiskey) and beer chaser, are commonly enjoyed by us like-minded drinkers that golf as an antedote to an ailing swing .

We thought we would experiment however. It may have taken some time to get right and some outrageous morning afters throughout the experimental stage, but the result is spectacular: the perfect boilermaker,

Hitachino Nest White Ale is a wit beer that oozes class, coriander, orange zest and nutmeg balanced perfectly, paired with Few American gin. A rather unique gin from FEW, using their own tangy grain spirit as a base, before re-distilling with a botanical mix including vanilla and hops picked from master distiller Paul Hletko’s garden.

This is a pairing as good as Seve and Jose Maria, but don’t take our word for it (or Paul Azinger’s either), come and tell us what you think of it.

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