Tiger is becoming human

It’s true; a lot of what we’ve seen of Tiger has been hard to watch over the last few weeks but I have seen something else. I watched the interview he gave before the 82 at Scottsdale. He was totally different with the media. He smiled, he made jokes and he was so patient with them. To be honest when you watch the entire interview the press are so annoying, they ask him the most stupid questions. At one point they ask him about the Robert Allenby saga! I was surprised he didn’t just walk away at that point!

Also we are seeing him being more open to his fellow players, he is chatting on the range. You can see players flocking to him and however disrespectful the fans are, his contemporaries still have an undying respect for him.

During his round with Rickie Fowler and Billy Horschel he sat with them and chatted during a long wait on a tee. He even accepted Horschel’s sycophantic bum licking graciously. Although I think this may have contributed to him needing to leave the course!

Yesterday he announced he is taking some more time away from the game, but not through injury. He admitted it was due to his poor play. He is becoming way more humble and way more likable. I just hope during his time away he dumps Como and gets out on the course in a buggy with a stereo and some beers.

I reckon we are going to see a new Tiger, a human Tiger finally able to understand who he really is and be that person. He was raised to believe he was some sort of messiah by his father and understandably he has struggled to find him self. If he never gets past this slump, maybe he could replace Nick Faldo in the commentary box and what greater service could he do for the game then that!

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