US Open Betting Tips

It seems like only yesterday that Sergio was slipping into the green jacket. So quickly upon us is this years US Open that we’ve only managed one election in between. Thankfully our betting tips are so reliable that the economy should be back on its feet in no time!

Erin Hills is making quite an entrance to major championship golf as it is set to host the 117th US Open this week. The USGA has come in for a lot of flak in recent years for a variety of reasons. Course set-up is the usual bugbear of the players but they’ve thrown in some quite epic rules controversies to mix things up too! This year the main topic of discussion has been the length of the rough – which is, even by US Open standards, quite spectacular! The fact is though that the mega-bund is coupled with the most generous fairways in US Open history.

If you hear a pro bemoaning the rough, don’t put money on him! The majority of the bund is mere window dressing. You can expect some really impressive driving stats this week given the width of the fairways, so I fully expect to see the tournament won with the approach play.

One important factor to note is the quality of the greens. These surfaces are apparently the best surfaces ever seen by a good number of reputable sources. This can mean one of two things (or both); the already great putters – Spieth, Day, Kaymer – will hole everything they look at; or the guys who are a little streaky and struggle on the poana greens, will suddenly be able to hole putts and take advantage of their strong approach play – Garcia, McIlroy, Stenson.

There has also been a significant change of strategy around the greens. Something that I personally think is a huge improvement is the elimination of thick rough directly around the greens. More closely cut surrounds offer a variety of options and will benefit those with touch and imagination. In my opinion the previous option of thick bund did more to bring the field together than identify the best scrambler.

Jason Day 14/1 – Stake £10 e/w Potential return £195

Just a year ago Jason Day was playing some inspired golf. Fast forward 12 months and things haven’t turned out so well for the former world number one. A couple of injuries pale into insignificance against the backdrop of his mother’s battle with cancer, all of which saw Day understandably struggle on and off the course. Whilst his mother’s health is still an issue, he appears to be dealing with it and recent weeks have seen a marked improvement in his game. His caddie is particularly bullish about his chances. With high-flighted approach shots being optimum for the course and Day’s outstanding putting, I am confident that he will go well this week.

Rickie Fowler 22/1 – Stake £10 e/w Potential return £295

Rickie is garnering a great deal of support this week. With Mickelson likely to be missing from the field, Fowler will take on the mantle as crowd favourite. He’s playing great at the moment and in theory this course is perfect for him. He drives it well, hits his irons beautifully and putts like a dream. So why hasn’t he won a major yet? The monkey on his back is also his motivation. He’s super confident right now and a lot of people suspect this could be his time.

Sergio Garcia 28/1 – Stake £10 e/w Potential return £370

The odds on Sergio winning one major let alone consecutive majors was lengthening by he day. Until that wonderful day in April where he slayed his demons, claiming the green jacket. Sergio has frustrated for so long because his putting was preventing his peerless long-game from winning majors. Now that he is off the mark he should be feeling a great deal of freedom. Couple that with greens that should help him if anything, and Sergio may develop a taste for majors.

He’ll be among the favourites at Birkdale, because of his control in the wind and imagination around the greens. These attributes will be just as useful at Erin Hills, with very few points of reference and sight lines off the tees. It would be no surprise to see a bona fide links expert do well this week. As with every other major, we’ll be cheering on the Spaniard to claim the second leg of his grand slam!

Charl Schwartzel 66/1 – Stake £10 e/w Potential return £845

Charl has been somewhat quiet in recent years, with results being somewhat underwhelming. Nobody has ever doubted his ability, and it seems as though the sweet-swinging South African could be coming back into form. A 3rd place at Augusta has been backed up with a T2 last week, and it would be no surprise to see him contend once more. I really do like his chances, and feel that he is trending toward something big. He’s too good to only win one major, and has appeared extraordinarily confident this week as he blew his own trumpet in his press conference – “I’m playing great. My heads in a great space and I really want to get my hands on that US Open trophy. If Webb Simpson can win one, heck, I should be able to walk it!” Strong Charl.

Shane Lowry 80/1 – Stake £5 e/w Potential return £510

Lowry came so close last year before folding like a lawn chair amid the hugely controversial Dustin Johnson rules controversy. He was still very much in the hunt when the shit hit the fan last year. So, it’s impossible to tell how much it affected him. He is really excited about the course, and is proven in the wind should it whip up as expected at the weekend. He’s a big unit, so the prospect off relatively cool conditions will be music to his ears – who knows, he may even manage a GA free week!

Martin Kaymer 90/1 – Stake £5 e/w Potential return £572.50

I’m astounded by these odds. Kaymer is in decent touch and has one of the purest putting strokes in the game. He’s not the longest, but he has plenty of power to navigate this course. It may measure nearly 7,800 yards, but it should be noted that it is the first par 72 the US Open has offered up for a quarter of a century and therefore won’t play too long. I suspect, given his recent social media video in support of Tiger, that he’ll be feeling a lot of love this week. Each week our betting tips look to unveil a great value outsider, and for this week Kaymer is the man.

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