Changing the face of golf can’t be done on your own, which is why we have teamed up with the best brands to help lift golf back to where we all believe it should be. We are proud to be associated with these brands and have a long working relationship with all of them.

aG 800x89

We scoured the world to find the best technology for our venues, and having visited every single R&D facility we had no doubt that aboutGolf offered the best product on the market. Their proprietary 3Trak technology is head and shoulders ahead of their competition. Make no mistake – cameras are the only way to measure a golf ball indoors. There is no better simulator on the market and we are proud to be the only venue in London to use aboutGolf.

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We are proud to partner the go-to retailer for all golfing apparel (and more). We have a concession in our Royal Smithfield venue where you can try and buy the latest range of designer wear that TrendyGolf are stocking.