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Introducing new draft beers from Deya

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New draft beers now pouring

We know that a little bit of swing juice can make all the difference to your golf game, so we're always on the lookout for new additions to our craft beer selection.

After an extensive tasting session (it's a tough job, but somebody has to do it), we're proud to add three new draft beers from The Deya Brewing Company in Cheltenham to Urban Golf.

Steady Rolling Man is Deya's flagship IPA, packing a hefty 5.2% despite the soft and delicate flavour, with intense tropical fruit aromatics. Highly recommended for anyone is a nervous disposition when faced with a 40-yard pitch over a bunker from a bare lie.

Tappy Pils is the house lager from Deya, offering a crisp and hoppy flavour with a long bitter finish. It's an ideal session beer at 4.4%, making it perfect for tightly-contested 18-hole matchplay battles.

Finally, we have Magazine Cover, a lighter IPA at 4.2%, that's vegan friendly and gluten-free to boot.

We've also updated our food menu, with all the usual favourites plus new wraps, salads and tasty tapas to share. Enjoy!