Indoor golf is booming. Since we opened in 2004, there's never been a better time to enter the market. The technology is now exceptional and indoor golf has been embraced by the public.

However, like any business, there are pitfalls that come with starting a new venture.
We know, because in the early years we fell into most of them.

By franchising Urban Golf you will tap into 20 years of experience and knowledge. Evade the mistakes everyone else is making and allow your business to thrive in this growing market.
The Urban Golf franchise offers the opportunity to create a multi-purpose entertainment venue utilising indoor golf to create lucrative revenues and a facility built on secondary custom and customer satisfaction.

This is achieved through the delivery of detailed marketing and management support and providing access to the world’s most accurate and graphically advanced indoor golf simulators, with a wide range of game settings for golfers and non-golfers maximizing playability and usability.

Increased time pressures and a shortage of space within cities mean that golf will continue to move to shorter, more accessible, tech savvy formats.

Utilising the aboutGOLF simulators and Urban Golf’s extensive market experience and brand position as market leader will attract the next generation of golfers who grew up with gaming and social media, and see indoor golf as the perfect entry point.


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