OUR Technology

After 20 years in the indoor golf business, we know a thing or two about the tech that makes simulator golf possible.
Our aboutGolf simulators use machine vision – a cluster of high-speed cameras working in unison – to create the most accurate ball flight tracking in the game. Radar-based systems simply don’t work in an indoor environment, whereas our cameras capture every aspect of every shot – clubhead speed, ball velocity, spin, attack angle, distance and more. 

You don’t need to take our word for it. We can show you high-resolution photographs capturing your ball’s rotation in flight, allowing us to track every single shot in the game – from tap-in putts to full-blooded drives.

And super-fast processors with the latest graphic chips allow us to render the ball flight in real time, with no lag and incredibly realistic graphics. From Pebble Beach to Sawgrass, or The Old Course to Kiawah – it’s the next best thing to being there.

Our unrivalled experience and expertise can also help you create an Urban Golf experience at home. Covering everything from concepting and technology to design and installation, check out Urban Golf at Home for the ultimate home golf simulator service.

Our set-up

Over the past two decades we have owned and tested every indoor golf simulator on the market. 

We have 11 simulators at Urban Golf, all using state-of-the-art aboutGOLF technology that can track and render every single shot in the game of golf. Book one of our 10 sims in the main venue, or treat yourself to a night in The Bunker – a private room with a vast 160-degree curved screen, comfy sofas and let our bar staff treat you from our full bar service and food menu.

How we got here

When we started Urban Golf twenty years ago, we tested all the simulator technology on the market. Nothing available at that time delivered the kind of realistic ball tracking that we wanted – radar systems worked well outdoors but not inside, and camera-based systems were still in their infancy. 

In our naivety, we tried to develop our own simulator. But fortunately, we were introduced to an alarmingly smart man named Tim McGann. Tim, who is literally a rocket scientist, had developed a launch monitor for Max Out Golf, using high-speed images of the ball at impact to measure the three critical factors in predicting ball flight: speed, launch angle and spin. 

We robot-tested the Max Out system at Loughborough University and verified its total accuracy – we still use this unit to calibrate all of our sims today. And while this was significant progress, we knew he still had a way to go.

In another stroke of luck, we met a gentleman by the name of Bill Bales at the PGA Show in Orlando. He showed us the prototype for 3-trak, the technology used in aboutGOLF’s simulators – and we knew we’d found what we were looking for. We’ve worked with the team at aboutGolf ever since.

Don't believe the hype

We hit a lot of golf shots using our simulators.

We play every day, and we play with golfers of every ability –from tour pros to complete beginners. So we’re 100% confident that our ball tracking is the best in the market. And with the best ball tracking, we can create the best gameplay – allowing golfers to hit real golf shots, providing real numbers and playing real golf. For years, indoor golf was seen as a poor substitute for the real thing.

At Urban Golf, we know that indoor golf is there to be played. It’s a game that we play, and it’s a game that we’re passionate about sharing with you.